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Harvy Fox Head Cane

Harvy Fox Head Cane
Harvy Fox Head Cane - Click to enlarge
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Simulated antique scrimshaw Fox head handle-made of polymer resin. Handle is set on 1" diameter hardwood shaft which tapers to 3/4". The shaft is 36" long with rubber tip #39808. The shaft is available in walnut or black.

To customize a cane, please add the cane of your choice along with the customize method of your choice. At the comment section of the checkout page, please indicate the length that you wish to customize. For example, "cut cane to 37 inches" or "lengthen cane to 41 inches). To see the list of all customize methods, please click here
  To find the accurate cane height:

  • Put on the usual walking shoes.
  • Stand naturally upright as possible.
  • Let the arms fall to the sides naturally with a normal relaxed bend at the elbow.
  • Using a tape measure or yard stick, have someone else measure the distance from the wrist joint (bottom crease at the wrist) down to the floor. Please round up to the nearest half inch.
  • NOTE: This is the standard measurement procedure. Certain users may have specific conditions that will require them to have the cane at a different length.
  • To find the length of a cane from an existing cane.

Measure from the top of the cane where the palm rests on the handle to the bottom of the rubber tip. Please round up to the nearest half inch.